George Orwell


It is very sad that writing “1984” took all the strength out of Orwell and in the end killed him as Robert McCrum wrote in The Guardian in 2009.  (S. the link above!) That he did write this book despite being critically ill, is  a tremendous and totally amazing achievement! This book is a masterpiece that is being discussed now all over the world. Many people are trying to work out the exact meaning behind it. But do you and do I, that is the average person, understand it sufficiently, I wonder. Also, there may still be some people who have never heard of that book and would not have a clue about it how it might help us to understand the world better and what we could learn from it.

After all this book, 1984, is fiction. But is it really? I do wonder why, why, why does it seem to come horribly close to the truth in real life!



4 thoughts on “George Orwell

  1. My favorite book of Orwell’s is Farewell to Catalonia about the Spanish Civil War. That bit of history – in which the US, the UK and their allies facilitated the fascist dictator Franco’s rise to power – is sadly neglected in most mainstream history books.

    1. Stuart, I think I worked out already in my teens, that mainstream history books don’t tell the whole story. Are students most of the time not kind of brain washed? Maybe access to the internet can change all this, but probably only for students that are prepared to do some of their own research! The disadvantage is, that people might not be able to distinguish between what is a biased report on the internet and what is an unbiased one. What is true and what is false: That is the question!

  2. Our modern world certainly feels like we’re living in the fictionalised 1984 doesn’t it? At least that’s better than Animal Farm, but even so, when I look at the news sometimes, I wonder about that too…!

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