Some of my Thoughts on Nuclear Usage

 Are there still people who want nuclear power stations? There must be, for from time to time I hear someone here in Australia voice an opinion that we should have nuclear power stations as a back up. In the media there are at present endless discussions about our power supply. 

All the nuclear power plant disasters that we know about already, and all the difficulties to rid ourselves of nuclear waste, these are well known facts but not talked about much in main media. Anyhow, with all that present knowledge that is available to us, some people still seem to deliberately ignore all this knowledge and do voice an opinion that we should consider nuclear power stations!

I know, doomsday predictions are not very popular. A significant number of people just want to ignore all the facts. I published in my last three posts some YouTube tapes. All of them have Helen Caldicott in them:

Helen Caldicott is a famous anti-nuclear activist. That does not mean that the majority of people all over the world are willing to listen to her, does it? How many people really make time to listen to what she has to say? Or when they listen a bit, they might soon say, she is just a doomsday predictor, and they are not wanting to further think about the consequences  of playing with nuclear. There are an immense number of anti-nuclear organisations:*

It seems to me politicians and main media all over the world ignore more or less the message of these organisations. And the extent of the Fukushima disaster is hushed as to not create a panic. It seems to me people with vested interests in nuclear just do not want to change their policies. The worst part is that a lot of people in power are not willing to work on nuclear disarmament.



2 thoughts on “Some of my Thoughts on Nuclear Usage

  1. New Zealand declare nuclear weapons and power illegal in the 1980s – they don’t even allow US warships to dock in their harbors unless the US certifies they aren’t nuclear powered and have no nuclear weapons on board.

    1. These US warships with nuclear weapons on board shouldn’t be allowed to dock in any Australian harbor either. Stuart, I do regret that Australia missed on doing what New Zealand did.

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