Published on Mar 18, 2017

North Korea, Meet The New Sheriff. With Washington taking a North Korea policy overhaul, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Friday declared that the existing “strategic patience” approach is over, saying all options including military action are on the table.

3 thoughts on “Flashback

  1. Clinton supported the Sunshine Policy in Korea – which involved family reunification and worker exchanges in which South Korean workers worked in North Korean factories. The eventual goal was Korean reunification. Then George W Bush took office and the neocons who ran his Pentagon and State Department decided a unified Korea would weaken US strategic influence in the area. So they put North Korea on a war footing with the US by declaring it part of the Axis of Evil – which effectively ended the Sunshine Policy. I guess any country that wants to reunify has to get US permission first.

    1. I wonder, Stuart, whether Germany did get US permission to reunify?

      What about NATO, they like to exercise close to Russian borders these days, don’t they? I bet, the Russians did not bargain for this when they withdrew from East Germany.

      Strategic influence seems to be all important to the US. Is it still going to be like this under the new US President?

      1. You can bet your life that the US gave Germany permission to reunify. Owing to immense poverty and underdevelopment in East Germany, the US elite thought reunification would bankrupt Germany. But both West and East Germany were prepared to make major sacrifices in terms of salary gains and the German banks (who run the German economy) came out wealthier than ever.

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