When Peter had surgery in Wollongong Hospital last month he stayed after surgery in a general surgical ward. The following morning Monika gave me another lift to Wollongong on her way to work. So she dropped me off at the hospital just a few minutes after 8. When I went up to the ward to visit Peter I was allowed in immediately. Peter was in good spirits and was already sitting up having his breakfast.

As it turned out Peter had to stay in hospital only for one night. After several tests on the morning after surgery it was decided that he could go home. Monika had offered to come to the hospital again after work. The night before she had come to the hospital after work to visit Peter after surgery. I had still be with Peter. So Monika drove me home that evening.

Peter had been familiar with that ward he was in already from his previous surgery a few months ago. On that occasion Peter had to stay in hospital for two nights. Peter was in a ward with the main specialty being urology. We found the ward was very well equipped with all modern facilities. All the staff was extremely friendly.

By lunchtime Peter had been given permission by his doctor to go home that day. He was asked, did he have transport home. Well, he said, his daughter could drive him home after work. But that meant he would have to wait for until she finished work. Peter discussed it with me. He said he did not like the idea that he would have to wait till evening to be driven home. He felt okay walking. He had been walking with me to the kiosk in the hospital for some coffee. And we had been walking together out onto the terrace on level 2.

The Terrace in Wollongong Hospital

It did not take long and Peter came up with the idea that we could catch the bus in front of the hospital that would take us to Dapto near the taxi stand. And we could catch a taxi from the Dapto taxi stand rather then catching a taxi all the way from Wollongong. Nurse said she had to ask the doctor whether Peter could go on the bus. The doctor gave permission.

Peter checked the bus timetable. He went to the toilet before we went out to the bus stop right in front of the hospital. The bus arrived on time. At this time of the day very few people catch the bus to Dapto. For the whole trip I think only another two or three people did come on the bus. The trip from Wollongong to Dapto lasts only for about 15 minutes. But once we arrived in Dapto Peter had to go to the toilet again. So before catching our taxi he went over to the shopping centre toilets. I waited with all his things near the taxi stand. The taxi home cost us only nine Dollars (including a tip of one Dollar). A taxi from Wollongong would probably have been more like fifty Dollars. We thought this was a great saving. Very happy we arrived home at around three o’clock. And Peter gave Monika a message that we were home already. For Monika it was good too that she could go straight home after work on that day.

While visiting Peter in his ward at the hospital I had copied the following from a poster that was displayed for the public:

“Welcome to Ward B 4 East

We are a general surgical ward with our main specialty being urology.

Our team will make every effort to meet your needs and make your stay with us as pleasant as possible.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions or to inform us of ways that we can help you.

Wollongong Hospital has open visiting hours for our patients between 8 am and 8 pm every day of the week.”

6 thoughts on “Memory

  1. That is a great poster and even greater words…all hospitals should be that helpful and kind!

    I had cancer surgery 17 months ago and I was fortunate to have such great care at the hospital and afterwards. I still see my oncologist every 3 months…for tests, exams, etc.

    I’m glad Peter did well and was treated so kindly! I hope he is doing well today!

    HUGS!!! 🙂

    1. Thanks for the comment, diem3. You seem to be getting very good care too. This is great. So far Peter is doing all right. But he still needs further treatment and this is going to happen within the next few weeks. So we hope for the best.
      Cheerio. best wishes and hugs! 🙂

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