Tuesday, 4th of April 2017

Pictures from our excursion to Wollongong Harbour.

Soon after i had taken these pictures of the Maui Van we got caught in a very heavy downpour. Peter had run further down where we had parked our car. He thought it was urgent that he did get the car up for us, for me as well as Peter Uwe and Astrid. Very dark clouds were already approaching. Before Peter did get to the car, the downpour started already. In the end we all did get quite wet. Our umbrellas were not of much use in this extremely heavy downpour.
When we were up at Mount Keira earlier in the day we were very lucky that some rain had just stopped and a bit of sun did break through. We had a few enjoyable minutes looking towards the sea and Wollongong and watching all these looming clouds in the sky. But before the next downpour came we were already back in the car and on our way to Wollongong.

I took heaps of pictures from Mount Keira too and am going to publish them in my next post.

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