Family Visit from Germany, April 2017

My brother and sister-in-law arrived Monday morning, the 3rd of April. Their flight was from Berlin to Sydney via London and Singapore. Their plane was to first to land in Sydney after the curfew’s end at 6 am. Peter and I picked them up from the airport. It was a very rainy day after heaps of rain the previous weeks. I think on that arrival day on Monday we stayed with our guests at home in Dapto. The had left home some 48 hours before they arrived here. There was some trouble at their departure from Tegel Airport in Berlin. Their booked flight with Air Berlin was cancelled. Before they were redirected to another flight they had to stand in a queue for some six hours!

Anyhow, by Tuesday, the fourth of April, they were well and fit to go out for a drive with Peter and me. They had recovered remarkably fast. Tuesday turned out to be a rainy day again. None the less we took a chance driving with them up to Mt Keira. Arriving at Mt Keira the rain had just stopped, which was pretty amazing. We took the opportunity to look around a bit. The view towards Wollongong was pretty good. For a few minutes we were able to take a few pictures. Then it started raining again. We were so happy that the rain had stopped for a few minutes. As the rain started we drove down to Wollongong Harbour, where we were able to walk up to the lighthouse. But while we were still near the lighthouse, an extremely heavy downpour caught us. The three of us got very wet despite our umbrellas. Peter had gone away to where the car was parked. But he also was caught by this heavy downpour before he could reach the car. We were glad when he brought the car up to us to pick us up and take us home to Dapto.


Pictures of our outing to Mount Keira you can find here:


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