May 2017 Diary

Is Trump’s Trip Green Light for UAE Blackwater-Led Mercenary army To Attack Iran?

A little while ago I did go to the above post by Stuart Bramhall. I ask myself what is going on in the Middle East?

So this is in the news: “Donald Trump to announce $350bn arms deal to Saudi Arabia.” What does it mean?

On my little walk this morning I passed Fowlers Road and the bridge over Brooks Creek. I checked the water level of the creek looking down from the bridge along Flowlers Road. Alas, I could see hardly any water despite the recent rain. There is a lot of vegetation along the creek. Things are growing immensely, There is not much room left for the water to flow along. And I guess that bit of water that flows along the creek feeds all this vegetation more and more.


6 thoughts on “May 2017 Diary

    1. This is so very true, Robert. Peter and I are blessed that where we live we are surrounded by nature. Brooks Creek is actually a stone’s throw away from our place. 🙂

    1. doesitevenmatter3: Thanks for the comment. Often I have to overcome some lethargy to venture out for a little walk on my own, while Peter is doing a more energetic walk/run. But I am always happy when I make it to go out for a bit, even for a little bit. 🙂

  1. “So this is in the news: “Donald Trump to announce $350bn arms deal to Saudi Arabia.” What does it mean?”

    What it means that the divide in the Middle East will grow even bigger. Saudi Arabia is guilty of genocidal warfare against neighbouring Yemen. With Trump doing this huge arms deal with Saudi Arabia he is clearly trying to unhinge Iran. Yet, Iran is one of the countries that can effectively counter Israel and it’s desire to annihilate Palestine and the Palestinians.
    Of course, the US is increasingly becoming irrelevant as a world power, and with silly Trump in power, this will gather speed.

    1. Somehow I have a feeling, Gerard, that this arms deal shows that the US is not all that irrelevant yet. Of course, the divide in the Middle East is already enormous. For sure, it will grow even bigger now. Very sad indeed.

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