Uta’s May 2017 Diary


The Dapto solar heated swimming pool, that is the large pool in the Dapto swimming complex, has the Olympic length of 50 metres. Peter and Astrid had arrived in Australia on the second of April. On their last Sunday here in Dapto, which was the 30th of April, they went with me to Dapto’s open air swimming Centre. We were walking. It was a quick and easy walk. The last day of April had turned out to be a balmy, sunny day. Just beautiful.

Peter and Astrid both had carried their flippers along to the pool. It did not take them long to dip into the water with them. They had plenty of room in the pool, for there were only about half a dozen people in the pool. Each person had their own lane to swim in. Peter and Astrid thought that this was extraordinary. They could not imagine that something like this could have happened in Germany where they live. 

Astrid did not stay in the pool for as long as Peter. But she enjoyed her swim very much. And Peter? Well, he actually went for ten times up and down the pool. He was very proud that he made it. He said, the flippers helped a lot to achieve his goal. After his 1000 metre swim he came out to have a rest in the sun. The pool area is surrounded by beautiful lawns. 

Peter, Astrid, and I were stretching out on one of these beautifully kept lawns in full sun for about one hour. All of us were in high spirits on such a great day as this. We started talking, and talking, and talking. We had immensely pleasant conversations during this one hour.

After his long rest, Peter felt like going back into the water for a bit more swimming while Astrid went already into the change rooms. I had stayed outside in the sun the whole time. The wound on my arm where some cancerous growth had been taken out, was not totally healed yet. This was why I had chosen not to go into the water. None the less I did a have a very enjoyable morning and was happy to be outside on another warm day.

Before we left to walk back home we each had a cup of coffee which the friendly guy at the entrance made for us. Peter, who is able to make himself a bit understood in English, talked to this friendly Australian guy for a little bit. The Australian wanted to know, where they were from. And Peter told him that I was his sister having lived in Australia for a long time, and that he and his wife lived a bit north from Berlin and had to fly back on Monday, that is the next day, late afternoon. He said he enjoyed the swim so much that he would like to go for another swim the following day before they had to leave to go to the airport.


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