Uta’s Diary, 16th May 2017

8 thoughts on “Uta’s Diary, 16th May 2017

    1. Linda, Peter has no cancer at the moment. Going to hospital for treatment once a week, this is being done, so that he has a chance that the cancer won’t come back. Yes, he is enjoying life in between all his appointments. Basically, he is still a healthy, mobile 82 year old! I am 82 also. (He has caught up with me now!) 🙂

      We both are actually 82 years old, not 72. I do not know why I did not notice this error straight away. But I changed it now to our right age!!!

      1. Yes, we think Peter is very lucky that the cancer was caught in time. It had not spread beyond the bladder. We hope now, that it won’t come back. The present treatment is being done to strengthen the immune system. But this means he has to undergo some more treatment at the hospital once a week for about two more months. Each treatment lasts about half a day! We have a good hospital with wonderful staff. And the hospital treatment is covered by Medicare. But consultations with the oncologist cost Peter a bit extra on top of what is covered by Medicare.

    1. We had the family over on the Sunday before Peter’s birthday which was also Mothers’ Day. So on Tuesday last week it was just Peter and myself looking for something special in Wollongong to have for lunch. I think that Cheese platter is going to be always something to remember!
      Thanks for commenting, doesitevenmatter3. 🙂

    1. The Cheese platter was very good, Gerard. This was something we did enjoy very much, I believe we made a very good choice for lunch on Peter’s birthday. All the alternatives would probably not have been as enjoyable and would have cost at least twice as much.
      Peter’s birthday was Tuesday last week
      Wednesday was scheduled for Peter’s treatment at the hospital.
      In a couple of days it is Wednesday again and that means Peter is going to be at the hospital for another treatment. How quickly the weeks go by!

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