Uta’s June 2017 Diary

Today is Saturday, the 3rd of June. In Australia this means we are officially well into winter. The temperature here is right now definitely wintry.

Despite the ‘freezing’ temperature, we very much enjoyed today our visit to Berry. Here are some highlights from:




“Berry is a rustic yet sophisticated village surrounded by rich dairy country and is home to some great food and markets. Enjoy the fresh produce and award-winning restaurants that have built a reputation for outstanding cuisine. . . . ”

Yes, it is rustic all right. It has a very special atmosphere. We regret now, that we had no chance to show it to Peter-Uwe and Astrid when they were here in Australia a few weeks ago. I mean, we were able to take them to quite a few great places in our area, however their stay here just was not long enough to cover everything. There are overall too many fantastic places to show to visitors, and time was running out much too soon.

So, today Peter and I drove to Berry to have Brunch at this cafe:


We had been to this cafe a few years ago and loved it. Today we were not disappointed. This cafe is still as good as ever.

This what it says in the write up about the cafe:

“The Berry Sourdough Bakery and Cafe isn’t your average bakery. They have an Alan Scott oven, a mixer, a crew of talented bakers on the bench and all loaves are hand crafted with no moulding machinery used. The bakery makes the most of the location, maintaining a relationship with other local organic food producers. . . . ”

So I must say, it is very much worth a visit. The drive from Dapto to Berry is mainly along some freeways, a lot of them having been constructed fairly recently.  Today we noticed a lot of workers very busily working on some more roads that are to  offload some more of the increasing holiday traffic going through towns down south. Soon the heavy traffic through Berry is going to be a thing of the past. It means, people driving into Berry are to be mainly residents and visitors only. All other traffic further south will bypass Berry on some additional freeway.

Our ancient AUDI very much liked the drive along freeways and accordingly used fuel extremely sparingly which Peter enjoyed tremendously!

DSCN2875DSCN2876 (2)

This is a very busy corner with all the traffic going through Berry.
This is our Brunch.

I had a bowl with barley porridge, fruit, nuts and a bit of cream. Delicious! Peter liked his bacon and eggs and tomatoes on some fresh rye bread. We both had flat white coffee out of soup bowls! I think a large cup of coffee like this for breakfast is a French tradition.


I think to discourage the use of plastic bags is a great idea.


Love Eating Asian Food – LEAF = is in this building


Some more pictures from Berry we took today:


When we stood here, we had a choice which way to go to the toilet.

And here some pictures from this morning before we left home:


Yesterday afternoon I had four friends over for our games of Scrabble and Rummy. I took some pictures before the ladies arrived:

I left some snacks on the box with the Rummikub tiles.

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