Nato Exercises in Romania

Our second stop on the way back from Ballina, Victoria, was at Gundagai, NSW, Then started the long, boring drive to Goulburn. This stretch of road is less than 200 km, but as I said, it is absolutely boring! I had trouble getting a station into the radio that was close enough to listen to without disturbances.
Finally I found an ABC News station. The woman News reader had what sounded to me a wonderful clear voice, . I had just started listening to her, when she said something about  Nato exercises in Romania.. I asked Peter, who was sitting beside me and was driving, could he hear these news. He couldn’t. I asked, did he have his hearing aid switched on. Yes, it was on. So I thought I’d have to turn it up a bit more so he could understand what was being said on the news.
It turned out, he did  not want to listen to this ‘terrible’ voice.  HE JUST DID NOT LIKE THIS VOICE. Before I was able to turn the volume down, he SCREAMED at me, It was such  a big scream. It made me feel absolutely devastated. Not only did I find it hard to cope with this news about Nato but on top of it I found myself blasted with this enormous screaming. How on earth would I relax now? I just did not feel like sitting in the front of the car any more, eyes open all the time, not being able to listen to the radio, not being able to talk to Peter.
Well, I know now, it was wrong of me to turn the radio on at all. Before we had reached Gundagai I had been able to always get some station in that was close, First we listened to this:, ” Spend your Sunday mornings with Macca as he travels around Australia, speaking to Aussies at home and around the world.”
 Later on we found a station with some country music.
Of  course I switched the radio off immediately when Peter screamed at me so horribly. I never dared to turn it on again on the whole way back  to Dapto.
I have been concerned for a long time about what is going on with NATO in  Europe. None the less,  I cannot help getting more and more concerned. Just now I googled “Nato Exercises in Romania”.  Voila, there were about ten different publications about it!
These entries are from different sources all dated from recent weeks.
How about this one:



3 thoughts on “Nato Exercises in Romania

  1. We are at one with a radio in the car or at home. Helvi and I rarely listen to it. We sometimes play some music, perhaps twice a year or so. I sometimes put on the car radio while waiting for Helvi to ferret through some newly donated clothes at Vinnies or the Salvo’s. We both don’t want any radio during driving.
    Yes, since the fall of the USSR, America likes to flex it’s war like machinery close to Russia in areas that were either previously in the USSR, or direct neighbours…

    1. As I said, Gerard, I know now, it was wrong of me to turn the radio on at that news channel. Itwas wrong, wrong, wrong. Gee, sometimes I am really stupid. To sit in the car all day with only tiny breaks and very limited conversation, I sometimes find pretty difficult. Also, our son-in-law always points out to us that it would be better not to listen to any news at all. I think, he has a point there. That Nato does increase exercises near the Russian border is really not news to me. But if they provoke the Russian bear more and more, I don’t know at what stage Russia is going to react in a horrible way. I am really scared for Europe and for world peace. And what do they tell us? “All this war machinery is necessary for our protection!” I was really surprised how much I could find this morning in Google about Nato exercises in Romania. But maybe it is a bit over the top to mention it in detail in my blog. Probably nobody is going to look it up anyway.

      ” Spend your Sunday mornings with Macca as he travels around Australia, speaking to Aussies at home and around the world.” This is a really good program and Peter likes it too. At home we hardly ever get around to listen to it. We found this program quite by chance in the car radio soon after we had left our son’s place in Benalla. Peter really enjoyed listening to it too. We both felt in a good mood listening to this program. Later on Peter did not mind listening in the car to country music We both like country music.

      I was disappointed when I could not find any music channel after we left Gundagai. I really should have taken notice of it that Peter did not like the voice of the woman news reader when I found that news channel. I hope I’ll remember not to put any new on again while Peter is driving. Now that we are back home, he’s been catching up on plenty of news.

      Did you watch this program about the aveo retirement villages? Peter did not want to watch this. So I watched it by myself. But we both did not watch Q & A tonight. We doubted that C.P. was to say anything that sounded like the truth.

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