Chinese Tourists in Santorini, Greece

4 Jul

Apparently the Chinese love to spend their holidays in Greece.

How the Chinese fell in love with Santorini

By Andrea Watson

Here is some of what Andrea writes:

” . . . .   the ones who are most obsessed by the selfie in Santorini are the Chinese who are flocking here in unprecedented numbers.

“The Chinese have a lot of wedding competitions and if you win, the prize is often a trip to Santorini,” says Haris, my guide for the day.

He’s happy for the upturn in business too since he sells properties and with the Greek economy reeling on the verge of the Grexit ( leaving the Euro) it’s hard to persuade Europeans that it is safe to invest in Greece when their euros may become devalued drachmas.

The Chinese don’t care so much about the Grexit because they are not investing for capital gain or even rental returns; all they want is a Residency Permit which, thanks to a new law passed in 2013, can be acquired by spending around £200,000 on a property. The permit gives them free movement across to all the Schengen treaty countries of Europe.  . . . . ”



2 Responses to “Chinese Tourists in Santorini, Greece”

  1. gerard oosterman July 5, 2017 at 10:05 am #

    Chinese are great travellers and even here in Bowral one sees many tourists from China. They keenly take photos, even of trees and bushes. We had a meat-pie festival a couple of weeks ago and for $5.- one was given access to the tulip park and sample meat pies and local wines. Many queuing up for the tickets were Chinese. I don’t know what they thought of our meat pies, hopefully the verdict was ‘delicious,’ but I am not so sure. I would rather have a Mongolian lamb dish or a chop-suey, than a meat pie. Each to their own, I reckon.

  2. auntyuta July 5, 2017 at 10:22 am #

    The only meat pies I like, Gerard, are the ones from Robertson Pie Shop. I am never disappointed when I get a Curry Meat Pie from them.
    I believe the Chinese can book a wedding in Greece for 1500 Euros. These weddings seem to be very popular:

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