July 2017 Diary, continued from yesterday

Well, it was only yesterday that I mentioned that I feel as though we were in a bit of a rut at the moment and that I would like us to do a bit of travelling as soon as possible. Did I mention Germany? I think I did. So today we talked about it a bit more. It seems Peter is thinking of only going for a short holiday, maybe a two weeks holiday. So it really does make more sense, to stay within Australia for our little holiday. We already booked for a holiday weekend in August for Sussex Inlet. It looks that we could go for a two week holiday in September. Peter says he would like to go a bit up North where it is already a bit warmer in September. I agree, that it would be great to have a bit warmer weather. Peter mentioned going by car. I objected. I said straight away that I would prefer to fly up north. Now I leave it up to Peter to find  out where we could stay further up north. I think Peter is thinking of Port Douglas. Many years ago we stayed there for a few days in July. Port Douglas is so far up north that it was there pleasantly warm even in July. We could go swimming in the ocean. The weather had been just perfect for a beach  holiday. In September it probably would still be there great for a holiday. I wonder what a holiday package is going to cost there now.

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