North Korea crisis: South’s leader in plea to avoid war


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Amid regional tensions, South Koreans lack awareness on bomb shelters

ReutersNews Corp Australia Network

“SOUTH Korean President Moon Jae-in has called on his US allies to help prevent a war, amid worsening tension over the North’s nuclear threat.

Mr Moon told the visiting top US military official that there must be a diplomatic solution to the crisis.

Gen Joseph Dunford said the US priority was diplomacy but added that military options were being prepared should sanctions against the North fail.”

South Korean President Moon Jae-in, right, poses with U.S. Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford for a photo during a meeting at the presidential Blue House in Seoul, South Korea. Picture: AP.

“South Korean President Moon Jae-in, right, poses with U.S. Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford for a photo during a meeting at the presidential Blue House in Seoul, South Korea. Picture: AP.Source:AP

The North on Monday said any war could “only be turned into a nuclear war”.

Also on Monday, China’s commerce ministry issued an order banning a slew of imports from North Korea, in line with additional UN sanctions that were announced earlier this month.

Mr Dunford, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is visiting South Korea, Japan and China after a week in which Donald Trump declared the US military “locked and loaded” and said he was ready to unleash “fire and fury” if North Korea continued to threaten the US. ”

“North Korea, meanwhile, has threatened to lob four intermediate-range missiles into the waters near Guam, a tiny US territory about 3,200 kilometres (2,000 miles) from Pyongyang, North Korea’s capital.

This would be a deeply provocative act from the US perspective, and there has been widespread debate about whether Washington would try to shoot the missiles down if they’re fired.

The US-North Korea impasse, which has simmered since the end of the Korean War in 1953, has grown more tense in recent months over worries that the North’s nuclear weapons program is nearing the ability to target the US mainland.”

4 thoughts on “North Korea crisis: South’s leader in plea to avoid war

  1. Greetings Uta, hope you and Peter are doing well, I have had a very interesting medical adventure these last six months, all is well now, I seem to have messed around my Word Press site over that time and lost many friends, thankfully they still can locate me. We leave tomorrow morning on our 14 flight, the weather in Chile is the same here.
    Our kindest regards to you both and sincerely hope you and Peter are in good health.
    Best Wishes.
    Ian and Ana

  2. What many people forget is that North Korea and South Korea were successfully working towards reunification until George W Bush took office in 2000. It was called the Sunshine Policy and won the Nobel Peace Prize for South Korean President Kim Dae Jung.

    Bush and Wall Street opposed reunification because they worried it would create a rival economic block that would eventually ally with China:

    After Bush declared North Korea as part of the Axis of Evil, they feared they would be invaded like Iraq and Afghanistan and felt pressured to develop nuclear weapons to prevent such an attack.

    1. Very interesting, Stuart. I think the Chinese would not like it if North Korea would be incorporated into South Korea. I do not know how reunification could work. South Korea would not like to belong to North Korea. This is pretty obvious, isn’t it?
      Why is it not possible that each country just goes their own way without this ridiculous build up of weaponry? I think it is just a matter of doing ‘fair trade’ with every country in the world, Do we enrich ourselves by exploiting others? How can exploitation be reduced? Sadly too much exploitation is still going on all over the world. This is why some countries are very rich and others are very poor – In an ideal world nobody would be exploited! And we would not have to spend billions to pay for so called ‘defence’.

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