Throw Out all Your Writing Books

I have not read the whole post yet. Creative Writing as a subject that interests me very much. So I plan on studying this post a bit more.


Okay maybe not actually throw them out but a lot of people seem to miss the point of creative writing. They turn it into a competition, with charts and graphs as if it’s Mathematical all of which is (at least for me) bad for creativity.

Image may be copyrighted. Used in reference to George R.R Martin and Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire comment.

Creative writing is about creativity, imagination and storytelling. It’s about imagining what’s possible and telling tales through characters.

Here’s some rules that I don’t actually always agree with. Most of them I would say I think that they are blanket statements and don’t consider exceptions:

1. Show don’t tell.

It’s a very confusing rule because most stories have showing and telling. Too much telling can be overkill but sometimes it has a place.

2. Never use modifiers.

Could you kindly rephrase that? In the…

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