Diary, September 1st, 2017


Two weeks ago, on Friday, the 18th of August, Martin drove us to Sussex Inlet. And only two days before that, on that Wednesday, he drove us to Newcastle to see Lauren and have lunch with Lauren. We first stopped at the place where Lauren lives with her mother. Lauren showed us their house which is small but comfortable. In the back there is a huge garden area with lots of flowers and a double garage that they do not use as a garage but is furnished in a way that would make it suitable for parties, I guess. Lauren asked us, would we like a cup of tea. Of course this was very welcome.

Martin and Peter were walking around a bit more while Lauren went to make tea for us and I was sitting down to wait here:


Lauren is nineteen, she is our youngest granddaughter. She could take the day off because she works most weekends. This year she got her driver’s license and she bought herself a second hand car. Lauren drove us in her car to the beach for lunch.

Lauren and her mum have two dogs.

Peter takes a picture of me while I try to take a picture of the dog.
The other dog is a female puppy, that is growing to be quite tall. 

I took some pictures of the double garage:


Peter took these these pictures after our lunch at the beach cafe.


This is Lauren in her Mum’s garden

And this is where we had lunch:


This is where Lauren had parked her car.

This is the food we had at the beaches cafe:


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