Merkels Paradigm has Outlived Itself

This is a very interesting article about the present political situation in Germany. I wonder what government is Germany going to have in future. These are very uncertain times. I think for the stability in Germany and Europe it is important that Germany is not going too far right leaning in the coming years. During the last election  in Germany the voters voted in quite a number of different parties. That means that no party is strong enough  to govern in their own right. But so far Merkel’s  party is still the strongest oneof them all. The question is, if Merkel has now to form a coalition without the SPD (Labour  Party) with what  other parties could Merkel form  a successful coalition?

3 thoughts on “Merkels Paradigm has Outlived Itself

  1. The German economy is steaming along very nicely and with that comes more prosperity which usually is not conducive to making big changes.

    The extreme right is stirring up discontent by attacking refugees and foreign workers but part of the economy relies on migrants to fill positions that the locals might not be so keen to take on.

    We shall see but I noticed the financial markets have given the seal of approval.

  2. We had our election here in New Zealand the day before the one in Germany. We’re in the same situation – no single party can rule outright. New Zealand has so many overseas voters we won’t even have a final vote count until 7 Oct.

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