I watched a few videos about North Korea







2 thoughts on “I watched a few videos about North Korea

  1. All the people that I see online eager to go to war with North Korea need to see these. I feel that some people forget that there are innocent people living there too and what war would really mean.

    1. “What war would really mean”, this thought I find very interesting and frightening, Bardiblogger,

      I was born in 1934 and experienced World War Two and the Postwar Period in Germany. I was hoping from then on that there would never be another war.

      Sadly there have been many wars since then. Are wars not usually fought for resources and vested interests? And wanting to dictate to sovereign countries what sort of government they should have. Are we to say, who can have nuclear weapons and who cannot have them? Can a small amount of nuclear weapons be used as a defense and to prevent the overtaking of ones country?

      Can a super power with an immense amount of nuclear weapons over- power any country in the world and kind of rule over it?

      How on earth can we avoid and prevent wars, and especially nuclear wars?

      The future is always uncertain. In the end it is a matter of survival, isn’t it? What I wished for is for everyone in this world to survive in peace and dignity and without being robbed of essential resources.

      I think mankind is still far away from overall peaceful solutions and allowing sustainable living conditions for everyone. Are peaceful solutions in the end possible or will it always be wars and fighting for what we think are our rights?

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