What did we do in September 2017?

My birthday was one month ago! Only one more month and Baby Carter is going to be one. We are all invited to his first birthday party!

So, what did we do during the month of September this year? I am going to  look at the pictures we took. Then it is  very likely that I can still remember everything we did do.

Sunday, the 3rd of September, was Fathers’ Day in Australia. Peter had baked these cakes for Fathers’ Day:


Peter watching the Insiders’ Program on Fathers’ Day 2017


View from the window of the computer room

In August our son Martin came to see us and he did drive us to Newcastle as well as to Sussex Inlet:

Newcastle and Sussex Inlet (continued)

On the 14th of September I published this:

Big4 Nambucca Beach Holiday Park

And I wrote:

“We booked accommodation for five nights in this holiday park.  It says:



After having been sitting in the car for a couple of hours a little walk is very welcome!

Soon we unpacked a lot of things for some refreshments. We had a lot of room in our car for taking food and drinks along.

Before we reached Taree, we had another stop at a service centre on the Pacific Highway. Since we stopped there around lunch time. it was difficult to find a parking spot. Peter parked the car on the outskirts of the service centre. From that spot we were able to watch a great number of huge parked trucks. This service centre must be a very popular place for truck drivers who needed a break! We thought some  of these trucks looked absolutely beautiful. They looked new, big and shiny. I could not resist to take a few pictures of them.


We’ve had this Touring Atlas for a very long time. It is a bit outdated. But I still like to look things up in it when we’re travelling.

Peter enjoyed a 5 Dollar lunch at the Service Centre!

Late in the afternoon we stopped at this Motel.

We liked this motel straight away and booked a room there for one overnight stay.

We did not feel like going out for dinner that night. We still had sufficient food with us that we could eat. And of course we had tea and coffee making facilities in our motel room. So we went to bed early and were early the next morning on our way again.  Our motel was a little bit outside of Taree. We knew that there was an ALDI Shopping Centre in Taree. We were planning on going there after breakfast. First of all we had to find a nice place where to have breakfast. It was not difficult to find the main shopping street in Taree. We chose a cafe called “Raw Sugar” for our breakfast. And we enjoyed  a little walk  along the main street in the early morning  sun. We decided that Taree was quite a pleasant place. We do have the pictures to prove it!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I still liked my little cup to use for coffee in the car. The friendly motel manager had handed us a little map to show us how to find the ALDI store. The motel was at Manning River Drive on the South side of Taree  just before the bridge that crosses the Manning River. Crossing the bridge and going further up Commerce Street there was ALDI at a corner opposite the hospital. It was a huge, huge store. We got there everything we wanted to buy for our stay at Nambucca Heads. Except for wine. There were no alcoholic beverages available at that ALDI store. Alas, we had no map how to get out of Taree and onto the Pacific Highway. We could have just gone back across the bridge and found our way to the Highway from there. Instead we thought that there must be a way out to the Highway on the Northern end of town. Only somehow we missed the right turn off and ended up in a more westerly direction. Before we knew it, we were in Wingham where we did not want to be at all. So we just turned all the back and eventually did find the Pacific Highway to continue our trip towards Nambucca Heads.

This is the Manning River with the bridge in the background.

We stayed at the BIG4 Nambucca Beach Holiday Park for five nights. We arrived on a Saturday night. To find the Park turned out to be a bit problematic. But we actually did find the place before it got dark!

On Sunday we went shopping for fresh bread and some wine. Before we went to the main shopping street (a lot of shops were closed on that Sunday), we did stop at two different lookouts that had a lovely view towards the sea. But first here are a few pictures we took on Saturday soon after our arrival  at the Holiday Park:



And now some pictures we took at the lookouts:

To be continued

2 thoughts on “What did we do in September 2017?

  1. Looks like some wonderful times, wonderful places, and wonderful memories made in September! 🙂
    Happy Early Birthday to Baby Carter! 1st birthday celebrations are such fun! 🙂

    1. Yes, Carolyn, we’re looking forward to Baby Carter’s 1st birthday celebrations. 😉 It’s going to be fun and a good opportunity to see our large extended family. 🙂
      Uta 🙂

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