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  1. Top 10 High Antioxidant Foods List
    Goji berries: 25,000 ORAC score.
    Wild blueberries: 14,000 ORAC score.
    Dark chocolate: 21,000 ORAC score.
    Pecans: 17,000 ORAC score.
    Artichoke: 9,400 ORAC score.
    Elderberries: 14,000 ORAC score.
    Kidney beans: 8,400 ORAC score.
    Cranberries: 9,500 ORAC score.

    This is a list of foods that are very good for you!


    The aqctions you can take to stop Smart Meters you can find in the above link. It is published by stese people:

    About us


    EMF Freedom: Solutions for the 21st Century Pollution ̶ 2nd Edition
    The Wireless Connection to: Autism, Alzheimer’s, MS, Obesity, Allergies, Cancers, Infertility / Miscarriages
    by Elizabeth Plourde, Ph.D. and Marcus Plourde, Ph.D.

    2nd edition released Nov 2015: Updated and current!

    Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) cannot be seen, therefore it is hard to imagine they would have an impact on our health. However, the evidence outlined in this expose shows us that nothing could be further from the truth. Cell phones, WiFi systems, electrical Smart Meters, cell towers, and microwave relay transmission stations are all having a cumulative affect on the our health. The health impact implied in this book indicates that these signals may be the demise of mankind. Read more . . .

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