What every cancer patient needs to know






8 thoughts on “What every cancer patient needs to know

  1. This is a highly personal account of cancer but without any science to back it up. Some very broad sweeping statements are being made. People with perfectly healthy diets can get cancer and many on awful diets won’t get cancer. It is not as simple as those assertions being made in this video. Genetic have a lot to do with it and so are many other factors.

    1. You’re right, Gerard, it is definitely a personal account without science to back it up. But treatments that are based on science do not work always either. Every human being is different, nobody is the same as somebody else. To me it makes sense that a natural diet is preferable to a diet with a whole lot of processed food. We know for instance that tobacco smoking is bad for you, and still there are people in their nineties who’ve been smoking all their lives. So where is the science in that?

  2. It gets worse towards the end of this video when he appeals to those suffering from cancer to not accept any medical treatment such as Chemo therapy or surgery. AND to turn to God instead.

    1. In some medical circles Chemo therapy is not always recommended, Gerard, meaning for some people the treatment might have more ill effects than benefits. So medical treatment is not always such a clear cut thing. Of course doctors try to do their best with the treatment that is available. But that does not mean that patients cannot contribute to the healing process by eating the right things, staying as mobile as possible and as calm as possible. If prayers help some people to avoid stress, so be it! 🙂

  3. Of course, a good diet is important, Uta. No one would deny that. It promotes staying fit and slim and healthy. But, it is a totally different story when, as in the video, the boy tells us that a good diet not only will prevent cancer, it is the ONLY way to prevent it.
    To further assert that Chemo therapy or medical intervention should be avoided is wrong, absurd and dangerous. There has been huge progress made in fighting cancer and in the treatment of it.
    The video makes assertion without providing any peer reviewed proof. The boy is just saying it and accepts us to blindly believe it.

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