Asia-Pacific Regional Conference

“The Asia-Pacific Regional Conference was a historic bilateral event, bringing together approximately 1000 international delegates to discuss the most significant industry and policy issues today. . . . .”

About the Event

“From 3 to 5 November at the Crown Convention Centre in Perth, the most significant bilateral conference between Germany and Australia and the wider Asia-Pacific region will redefine the depth of economic linkages between our countries and the wider region. Political and business leaders will explore new investment & trade opportunities with a special focus on the growth in the Asia-Pacific. Germany and Australia share the same values and economic opportunities in both countries and the Asia-Pacific region. Initiatives such as the Australia-Germany Advisory Group recommendations or the Industry 4.0 collaboration demonstrate the ever closer linkages between both countries. The formal negotiations for a comprehensive EU-Australia Free Trade Agreement will start by the end of the year and details will be discussed at APRC.”

“Cool heads must prevail amid the geopolitical turmoil – Peter Jennings PSM

“North Korea’s growing nuclear threat, China’s global ambitions, continuing terrorism strikes: the world order is more unstable than it’s been for generations. Navigating this terrain demands focused and strategic leadership.

North Korea’s entry into the nuclear club is challenging a generation of leaders largely untouched by prolonged major conflict and the shadow of nuclear war. For Australian leaders, this is new and complex territory. Australia must work harder to encourage strong US engagement in the Asia-Pacific and support strategies that bolster the credibility of America’s extended nuclear deterrence to discourage allies (Japan, South Korea) from considering their own nuclear capabilities.

Australia needs to strengthen its own capacity to be a regional leader in security. I’m not sure we are really up to that task. It takes more money, effort and engagement than we are usually comfortable with. A nuclear-armed North Korea underscores the point that we can’t hide from our own region when it comes to major security challenges. So, a key lesson is that we need to do more for our own security interests, as uncomfortable as that might be from a defence spending or foreign policy engagement perspective.

What we need right now is calm, strategic, focused leadership from politicians able to take (and reject) advice and with a capacity to think laterally beyond current policy settings.”.  .  .  .

2 thoughts on “Asia-Pacific Regional Conference

  1. We’re keeping a close eye on our new Prime Minister who has just left for this conference – to keep her from signing up to the TPPA-11 – which is the old TPPA without the US. A majority of New Zealanders oppose the clause that allows foreign corporations to sue New Zealand if our laws hurt their ability to make profits. If she signs up to it, there will be massive street protests against her government.

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