A Cemetery in Leipzig


Previously I mentioned that we went to Leipzig to look for my grandfather’s burial place. Today I want to publish some more pictures about our excursion to Leipzig.

We had come by train from Berlin arriving at the Main Station in Leipzig (Hauptbahnhof)

A tram took us to the Southern Cemetery (Südfriedhof). When we got of the tram we could see the Völkerschlachtdenkmal.

Crossing the road, we found ourselves right at what looked to us like the main entrance to the cemetery. There was a friendly lady in the building next to the entrance. She had the particulars of the graves at hand which were still under the care of the cemetery. People usually pay a fee which covers five years of care. If for any reason a renewal fee isn’t paid anymore, the grave site becomes a new plot for a new grave. My grandfather’s grave dated from February…

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2 thoughts on “A Cemetery in Leipzig

  1. Peter (Berlioz) added today a comment, but the comment is where the original post is. I wanted to copy this comment and include it here with the reblogged post. For some reason the copy did not succeed. I have no idea what went wrong.

    When I looked at the comments from November 2012 to the original post, I noticed a reply i gave to a comment that was made by Debra (Three Well Beings). I try now to copy the reply I made:

    “Thank you so much for commenting, Debra. I am glad you liked this post.
    To me these resting places are very important in a historical sense and of course for remembering our forbears. Peter’s grandfather for instance died as a soldier in France in 1916. Some time ago Peter got in touch with the ‘Deutsche Kriegsgräber Fürsorge’. They were able to find out the exact position of the grave and sent him a picture of it. This is very precious to Peter. This grandfather, Otto, died when Peter’s father was only sixteen. Peter often thinks back how Otto may have found his death during WW I. He read up on the battles that went on in the area at the time. Maybe grandfather died of injuries he received in one of the battles.
    Since Peter and I live in Australia we could never keep up with all the resting places that are spread in Europe over quite some distances. The relatives close to individual resting places usually see to this. This particular resting place in Leipzig probably had hardly ever been visited since none of our family still lives in Leipzig. It is remarkable though that some of my cousins felt the need to keep paying for the upkeep of this particular site.”

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