Sunday, 10th of December 2017

Yesterday we had our Christmas Party for all the owner residents and also for one previous resident of our complex. Barbara, a resident in our complex, invited us all to her place. There was a sit down place for everyone. Barbara had made sure that we would all fit in. There was of course plenty of delicious food as well as some drinks. Peter did sit at the head of the table surrounded by women. Before everyone started eating I took the chance to take a few pictures.


Our Complex of ten villas is like a retirement village. Most residents are retirees in their seventies or eighties. There is only one of the owner  residents still having a job since she is a great deal younger than all of us. She did not come to our Christmas party. She said she had a previous engagement to go to and looked in only briefly to wish us all a Merry Christmas.

Two of the villas in our complex belong to investors and are rented out. Strangely enough the people that are renting are never invited to our gatherings. And of course being renters they never come to any body corporate meetings. But the owner investors never appear at the meetings either.

Joan sat across from me. She had been on long service leave recently. But she mentioned yesterday that she decided to leave her job for good. I guess that means she is going into early retirement. (Her husband, who sat beside her, has been retired for quite some time already!) We talked about it that Peter and I are the residents who have been living the longest in our complex, namely since 1994, actually ever since the villas had been built. So I pointed out that in 1959 we arrived in Australia by boat with two babies. Joan responded that 1959 was a good year. How so? She said it was the year she was born, and she arrived in Australia from England as a three months old baby. She said she was very happy that she does not have to go to work anymore. Now she is going to have more free time and wants to spend it  with art work, like painting and drawing. Two other women in our complex are already very involved with this kind of art work. So Joan should be in good company.

I think it is great that in our complex we are all very friendly towards each other. And our yearly Christmas parties are a great way to keep in touch with each other and are loved by everyone.  In Barbara we have a great hostess for these parties. Thank you so much Barbara! Of course, everyone did bring some food and drink along. And quite a few people helped with the serving.

6 thoughts on “Sunday, 10th of December 2017

  1. I’m so glad you live in such a wonderful place with such wonderful people, Uta!
    My Mom lived in a similar retirement place for quite a few years before she died. It was always good to know she was safe and had people close by to help her if she needed anything.
    The food looks delicious! and I bet the conversation was warm and lively! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. I quote; “Strangely enough the people that are renting are never invited to our gatherings.”
    That is the same at our complex. Why are the renters not invited?
    The people that rent here at our complex are about half and for a strange reason they are held as somehow being ‘lesser.’
    We get on much better with those that rent and feel that some of the owners seem to think they have more rights than those that rent.
    Renters are allowed to come to meetings and have equal rights to the enjoyment of their property as owners.

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