Paul – GetUp! Reply| Sat 9/12/2017

Paul says this at the beginning of his letter:

“In a shocking abuse of power, the Turnbull Government’s just introduced a ‘GetUp Clause’ devised to attack our independence.1 ”

[1] Electoral Legislation Amendment (Electoral Funding and Disclosure Reform) Bill 2017, Section 287H, 7 December 2017 


[2] GetUp! readies for court battle over bid to link it to Labor and the Greens, Sydney Morning Herald, 23 October 2017
[3] Getting GetUp!: Foreign influence laws target crowdfunded activist, The New Daily, 7 December 2017
[4] ‘Chilling effect’: Charities slam foreign donations ban, Sydney Morning Herald, 5 December 2017
[5] GetUp: Activist group in fight with Australian Electoral Commission over funding disclosure rules, 23 October 2017
[6] Ban on foreign political donations is both too broad and too narrow, and won’t fix our system, 7 December 2017

If you read on here

you can find out more about the Australian Government’s shocking abuse of power and what can be done to halt this kind of abuse in some way. People like the Get Up people and their  supporters give me hope that maybe not all is lost yet in our so called democracy.


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