Nina Caplan says: “My advice for a good marriage? Don’t start with a dream wedding”

You can of course go to the above link of The Guardian and read the whole article but here is just a little bit of what NINA CAPLAN says on the subject of marriage:

” . . . .  Matrimony may make you wealthier, but the power isn’t vested in any institution to make you happier, or more secure in the psychological rather than the custodial sense. Only the right partnership can do that.

And – surprise, surprise – here is a study that tells us that this is exactly what the right partnership does. Data taken from more than 350,000 people in two UK surveys, analysed by researchers from the Vancouver School of Economics, informs us that married people are happier than single ones, that those in committed relationships, even without the paperwork, are as happy as those who have put a ring on it – and that the middle-aged are the most happily hitched of all.  . .

10 thoughts on “Nina Caplan says: “My advice for a good marriage? Don’t start with a dream wedding”

    1. Thanks, Stuart. Our youngest daughter is only 39 (I am 83!) She has never been married but has known her partner for 12 years. For over a year they have planned their wedding that is going to take place on the 17th of February. A bit over two weeks to go from now! We’re all very excited. They planned everything themselves to keep the costs down. But they planned for a lot of details to make the celebration a joyful occasion for family and friends.

  1. I have to smile wide today Uta reading this post .. As today is our 43rd wedding Anniversary.. and we had a very simple wedding as our families at the time were at logger heads.. So we had just two best friends and went to the registrar office .. I had friends who did the whole white wedding bit and were divorced two years later. 🙂
    Marriage is give and take and you need to be also best of friends as well as lovers.. 🙂

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