GetUp: It’s time to fight back!

If the hard right’s attack on our democracy succeeds, it will devastate progress on every single issue we care about – Stopping Adani, bringing the people on Manus and Nauru to safety, and corporates paying their fair share of tax. This is the biggest threat our movement – and a progressive Australia – has ever faced.

The hard right is throwing everything they have at ending the GetUp movement by attacking the right of everyday people to participate in political decision making.

And it’s not just GetUp under threat – community groups, civil society organisations and even charities are in the firing line. 

The bill containing these attacks is deliberately convoluted – because the hard right are trying to disguise it as a “national security measure”. It’s a clever ploy intended to head off opposition and obscure the truth at the heart of the legislation.

If we’re to see this bill defeated in the Senate we need to expose it for what it really is by mounting a huge Statement of Opposition – signed by tens of thousands of people – and delivering it to every single MP in Parliament.


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