Last Monday in February 2018

Today, the 26th of February, I think back on the last few days. I feel it has been a long time since I mentioned anything that is going on in our lives. Too many things have been happening, mostly very lovely things! Saturday, the 17th of February was definitely the best of all the recent happenings: It was the wonderful wedding ceremony of daughter Caroline and son-in-law Matthew.

As usual I am running out of time again. So I just want to insert a.few photos and write another post when I have a bit more time.

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Matthew and his brother Ben

I can publish some photos of the wedding ceremony when we get the official photos from the wedding photographer. Here now are some photos I took at the club of people dancing. I want to mention here that Caroline and Matthew did a magnificent opening dance, and I’ll show some pictures of the bride and groom dancing at some other time when I get some photos of it!





6 thoughts on “Last Monday in February 2018

  1. A beautiful post of a lovely family historical moment, your beautiful pictures will be treasured for years to come Uta, I must add that the venue chosen for the event appears to be a great choice, thank you for sharing.

    1. Dear Emu. thank you very much for your lovely comment. The venue was definitely a great choice! There were eight kids in the party. They could run freely on the beautiful lawns, barefoot of course. It was a pleasure to watch them running like this rather then them getting bored sitting bravely with all the adults. And for a lot of the adults it was very enjoyable too to walk around in the open on these beautifully kept lawns. Of course they had a few games too!

      1. Sounds like you are still reliving the occasion, and so you should, these occasions never return Uta, kind regards to you and Peter.

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