Towards the End of Summer in Australia

Yesterday, on the last day in February, I spent the day exploring the Wollongong Harboursite a bit while Peter had to spend the day in Wollongong Hospital. It was a glorious late summer day. I used the Free Tram to get to the Harbour.

Click to access gongshuttlemap.pdf



Since we had had a very early breakfast that day I felt already a bit hungry. So first thing I sat down here in Osborne Park and had some cheese on Rye as well as some grapes and water. Before going down to the harbour I took some more photos:



Walking down to the traffic lights it was easy to cross the road to the other site. The next pictures show where I walked along then.










Here at this bus stop I caught the free tram back into the city where I had some lovely hot chilly chocolate drink. Then I took another bus back to the hospital where I spent a bit of time at the outside terrace. I waited then for quite a few hours in different areas in and outside the hospital until Peter was ready to go back home. Our daughter Monika was called at work when Peter was ready. She came and picked us up and drove us back home to Dapto. Next Monday Peter has to see his cardiologist. So we have to wait and see what he has to say.

From this outside area at the Hospital one can see Mount Keira


10 thoughts on “Towards the End of Summer in Australia

    1. They found a blockage in my artery, big enough to recommend a bypass operation. I will try to talk my Professor out of it. I think it is too risky at my age.

    1. We’ve lived in the Wollongong area since 1959, Ian. A lot of things have changed over the years. In recent times a great many very modern huge apartment blocks appeared in the city of Wollongong. I think Wollongong and the whole of the Illawarra is actually worth a visit. So many beautiful beaches all along the coast!
      Next week we take the train to visit our son in Benalla, Victoria. We’re looking forward to have a relaxing time in Benalla!
      Cheers, Uta 🙂

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