Violet Town Market on Saturday, 10th of March 2018

Yesterday Martin drove us to the Violet Town Market, “one of Victoria’s premier country markets.”

Martin bought a few plants, and Peter bought honey and some walnuts in shells. These walnuts are really good and fresh tasting. At Christmas time we had been looking for such walnuts and could not find any.  I bought some Australian garlic.  I love to eat this with some bread and butter!

Two local interest stories

Violet Town signs by Leunig

Southern Aurora train crash

“THE sickening impact of the Southern Aurora ploughing into a goods train alerted the people of Violet Town to disaster before any CFA alarm could sound. Like the passengers aboard the Southern Aurora, people in Violet Town were just beginning to greet the already hot morning on 7 February 1969, when the trains collided at a level crossing on the edge of town.”


I am very happy that the last few mornings Peter and I did our slow movement exercises. We also did every morning some walking. Martin took us to different places for that. There are some great walking trails in the area. I did only quite slow walking, but Peter did also a bit of fast walking. He says he regrets that he cannot run any more for these trails would be excellent for running. Our son Martin was actually able to do a bit of running!

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