Russian Ark and my Post from the 3rd of June 2018

Yesterday I missed out on watching “Russian Ark”. I remember that I have seen it a few years ago in a cinema. But I am sure it would be interesting to watch it again. Peter did watch it yesterday online while I was fiddling around with lots and lots of  YouTube items about music and dancing with flash mobs in different cities. While I was doing this, I also came to notice videos about the dancing of some people in their 90s! I thought this was really quite remarkable. Anyhow I took to publishing some of the videos. I started with this one about a flash mob in Amsterdam that happened on Feb 29, 2016: In the write-up about this video it says:”More than 250 people participated in a ‘feelgood’ stunt this morning during rush hour at the Central Station in Antwerp, Belgium. Grease, the Musical opens in Antwerp on March 4th. This is how we drew attention to the opening week. Grease is definitely still the word!”


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