In Memory of Gaby

I wrote this six years ago in 2012. Yes, we will always remember you, Gaby.


Gabriele unexpectedly passed away on Sunday, 15th July 2012. She would have been 55 on the 28th August.

She lived her life to the full. She showed much love to everyone who got to know her.

Family and friends are very sad about her departure. We will always remember you, Gaby.

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5 thoughts on “In Memory of Gaby

  1. Another year has passed without her. But she has not been forgotten. Every day our thoughts are with her and I’m sure her’s are with us. She was always interested in what the family was up to.

    Daughter Caroline is now married and her nephew Troy is engaged to be married. She has another great-nephew, Carter, son of her niece Roxy and her partner Scott.

    The family is still growing. Gaby was once an adorable baby too and we have two pictures from 1958 with her and her grandparents, Think of it, that was sixty years ago! On those photos, one can see easily see that even then she liked to engage with people. That was the hallmark of her life, engagement with others. She left that mark on all she ever met.

    Sorry, WordPress does not allow me to show the pictures but you can see them on her Facebook page.

  2. It is hard to lose children. One survives each day by nurturing the good memories. Our lovely daughter and son, both of whom we lost recently will never be forgotten. We always think of the joyful moments that we were so fortunate to share with them.

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