How can I go back to my website the way it has been for seven years? Maybe it was stupid of me to create a second website just so that I could publish a few photos again. My premium site, which is my original site, had reached its limit as far as publishing pictures was concerned, and without reverting to a business site and paying more, I would not be allowed to publish any more photos for another year. To create a second site, where I could publish photos, was a rather easy thing to do. However now both sites ended up with some new setting which I dislike very much. Changing the settings is just too complicated for me,  since I am not computer savvy enough to accomplish anything like this. I tried, and tired, and tried to find my way through it. It just is something I do not understand, not at all.  Peter cannot help me with it either. So maybe when my daughter Monika comes to see us she may have an idea how to go about creating some acceptable settings for both my websites.

9 thoughts on “Diary

  1. Sorry about your settings problem. While sympathetic, there are quite a few things about WordPress that are not readily apparent. I have attempted to change some settings in the past, and though something appeared possible, never was able to make it work. Good luck….

  2. Thanks Lew, I asked Word.Press for support. By chatting with them, I found out I just had to change the color of the background to make my writing visible again. I was very grateful for that advice about the color. I don’t know, why this had not been readily apparent to me. All these changes to my websites had me thoroughly confused!

  3. All my sympathy, Uta – I didn’t realise there were limits on the number of photos you can upload, either. And also coming up to my 7th anniversary. Hope you have solved the problem now.

    1. Thanks, Cat. So far so good. I am going to get used to the different look of my sites. The publishing of my pictures on my new site does not seem to cause any problems.

    1. Very true, Rachel. And I must say WordPress helped me a lot too when I asked them for help. It’s not their fault that I am quickly frustrated about any changes. Some computer language is to me like Dutch or Chinese!

  4. I have written over a thousand of my articles using WordPress and so far no problems. I daren’t change anything. I feel ill when things go wrong on the computer. Updates are awful and I lay awake when that happens. Helvi is the opposite and could not care less. I can understand your frustration, Uta.
    Anyway, it seems to be working now for you. Keep going.

    1. I am quite thrilled to get so many responses on this subject of computer ignorance, Gerard. As far as publishing pictures is concerned, I think I really overdid it with the amount of pictures I inserted into my blogs. I hate updates and cannot bring myself to change from windows 7 to windows 10. I am still on windows 7 on my old computer!! 🙂

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