Filling out an Application Form to apply for a Cataract Operation

In that application form I was asked when was the last time I had an operation. I could remember that I had a Carpel Tunnel Relief operation and that it was probably in November some years ago. But I could not remember which year it was. I remembered though that the day after the operation we had had a break-in and that I had written something about it in one of my blogs. So I searched for the blog and voila, I found it here:

Thursday, 21st November 2013, was the day after my operation. We were out for ninety minutes. When we arrived back home we soon noticed that our place had been burgled. . . . . .

In my blog from the 25th of November 2013 I did not write about a lot of details regarding the burglary. However, I found in the some of the comment sections a bit more about what had happened, and  I copy it  here:

  1. It happened to us before, Gerard. The last burglary we had was in 1994. We had become rather confident that we couldn’t possibly have another burglary. So after nineteen years it happened again. What a shock to come home after a quick lunch and find the place burgled. It was lucky that Caroline and Matthew were with us at the time. We had had lunch at a beautiful place in Wollongong.. Matthew had driven us home from Wollongong as fast as possible for I was in need of some rest after the operation the previous evening. Caroline was the first to enter the house. Everything looked all right at first. Only gradually did we find out that there must have been some intruders in the house. Then Caroline looked around a bit more and discovered the broken in bathroom-window!

    During the following hours Caroline handled a lot of phone-calls for us, namely to the police and the insurance who all asked for a lot of details. In the meantime Matthew had gone with one of our neighbours to the back of our house looking in the parkland reserve whether they could still see any culprits around. On a bench they found a screw-driver, and then they noticed close by in the bush some of the contents of my handbag. They retrieved my wallet with all my cards in it! But of course all the cash had gone.

    Gee, was I glad when they handed me all the personal things out of my handbag! 🙂
    It was such a relief that I didn’t have to renew all my cards! 🙂

  2. What a lousy act to have happened Auntyuta, at least you got some personal stuff back, but it still makes you feel sick to think someone has violated your home.
    You look in great shape even with that arm wrapped up Auntyuta.

    1. Yes, dear Emu, that I got my personal stuff back was a real blessing. The surprising thing was the intruders left no mess behind. They just took a few things and escaped the way they had come in, namely through the bathroom window. Luckily they did not bother to take our laptops along. The cash that Peter left behind in a drawer in the living-room had gone. But we did not notice immediately. It was not apparent, that the drawer had been opened. I had a fairly new handbag (goat-leather). I did not get this back, only my purse/wallet (minus all my cash) and the personal papers and cards out of my hand {shoulder} -bag, well, luckily all this stuff was found in some bushes in the park behind our property.
      We haven’t heard from our insurance yet what they are going to do.
      But our daughter saw to it that we handed in all our claims.
      Cheers, Auntyuta

      . . . . .

      When I found the above blog I was astounded to find nearly five years had elapsed since all this happened. I remember Caroline and Matthew had been staying with us overnight. After lunch in Wollongong they had planned on going back to their place in Sydney. Their things were already packed and waiting near the entrance door. Some things of Caroline and Matthew had been taken out of their bags. Caroline noticed some moisture in her bag. She asked herself, whatever could that mean? Later on we had the idea to get our bottle of vodka out of the freezer. It was not there any more! Gone. So maybe the moisture in Caroline’s bag had come from the bottle of vodka that the burglars had taken out of the freezer. We all agreed that this was the only explanation.

      In due time the police and someone from the insurance came around. They looked at the broken in window, and we mentioned the screwdriver that was found on the park bench. The police woman explained that the screwdriver could not be counted as evidence even though my discarded purse was found nearby. Anyway, the police were very friendly. Also, the insurance were very good in handling everything. They assessed the value of all the stolen goods and gave us reimbursement in the form of money.

      Postscript: My eyesight is not very good at the moment. I’ll send off my application form to Shellharbour Hospital tomorrow. This means they may put me on a waiting list, and in about 12 months I’ll get my operation on my right eye. My left eye is totally blind from a macular hole that was so bad 18 years ago that the operation at a hospital  in Sydney was without success. Ever since I am somewhat scared that something might happen to my good eye too. But if the cataract in my good eye gets worse and worse, that does not help, does it? So I better apply for an operation. . . . .

6 thoughts on “Filling out an Application Form to apply for a Cataract Operation

  1. What a horrible homecoming! I hope all goes well for your cataract operation. I also had a macula hole in September 2003, that was repaired at the time but was followed by a cataract and then the retina detached twice, so I had 4 operations in the space of 8 months. Not a good year! My vision in that eye is very low. Then in 2006, my other eye developed a macula hole and I thought I would go blind but it healed spontaneously, thank God, though the sight was a little impaired. So I was very scared when a cataract later developed in my “good” eye, but I had to have the surgery done in 2014, in England. To my great relief, I had an excellent surgeon, an Indian, and he gave me a lens that allows me to see clearly in the middle distance and even read without glasses, so my sight is now better than it ever was even before my problems began! I tell you this to encourage you, not to worry you, with regard to the cataract operation.

    1. Thanks so much for this information, dear Cat. Gee,you were so lucky. This Indian surgeon must have done an excellent job. I think in 2000/2001 it was unfortunate that surgery had been delayed for about six months after the macula hole was discovered by my optometrist. I was referred to a specialist in Sydney who could not fit me in any earlier.
      This time I have been seen by Michelle, an ophthalmologist here in our area, She’s done a successful cataract operation on Peter. some time ago. She also has been keeping Peter’s glaucoma in check over the years. So I have sent off my application form now. I decided I should trust her! 🙂

  2. I had an operation to repair irregular vision in one eye. It was called a vitrectomy. It did not work and made my eye worse. Helvi had a cataract removed a year ago and it worked brilliantly. She is getting her other eye done when other ailments are in control but at the moment she sees very well.
    My ‘good’ eye works well which is just as well. I don’t read much anymore to save my remaining eyesight. If we buy books we make sure it has large lettering.
    We were burgled once back in Sydney. We were home and working in the garden. A man brazenly walked through the open entrance door and went straight to the bedroom and took Helvi’s bag with all her cards and wallet. I chased him but he was faster.

  3. That sounds so scary! No one likes their personal space invaded and their things stolen. 😦 It makes a person feel so sad and vulnerable. I’m glad you got some important things back.

    Prayers and best wishes on your eye surgery, Uta.

    When my mom was in her 80’s she had the cataract surgery on both of her eyes and it went very well and she was shocked at how much better she could see afterwards. 🙂 She kept saying to me…”Oh, the colors are so bright and beautiful again!” :-0

    HUGS!!! 🙂

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