Uri Avnery, dies aged 94


Avnery was born in Beckum, Germany, as Helmut Ostermann, to a well-established German Jewish family.[5]Avnery and his family emigrated to Mandatory Palestine in 1933, following Adolf Hitler‘s rise to power.[5][6] He attended school in Nahalal and then in Tel Aviv, leaving after 7th grade, at age 14, in order to help his parents.[7]He started work as a clerk for a lawyer, a job he held for about five years.[8]

Uri AvneryUri Avnery (Hebrew: אורי אבנרי‬, also transliterated Uri Avneri; 10 September 1923 – 20 August 2018) was an Israeli writer, politician, and founder of the Gush peace movement. A member of the Irgun as a teenager, Avnery sat for two terms in the Knesset from 1965 to 1974 and from 1979 to 1981.

3 thoughts on “Uri Avnery, dies aged 94

  1. Thanks, Carolyn.

    I wished there were more people in this world willing to work for peace.
    Instead of constantly working to prepare for war, we should make an effort to be working for peace. I admire people who are willing to do this. It seems to me that peace movement advocates do not get enough credit. Who knows that In 2001, Avnery and his wife Rachel Avnery were honoured with the Right Livelihood Award?


    I find it amazing that we can find out these things on the internet. I believe there were people very opposed to Avnery and that there attempts to kill him. But he survived and he was able to live till he was nearly 95. And all the death notices show that he was not forgotten yet.

    HUGS, Uta


    1. Yes, I wish the same thing.

      Oh, I’ve never told you this…but you remind me of my favorite, beloved aunt. She was one of my mom’s older sisters. Her name was Anna. My mom’s paternal grandparents were born and lived in Germany and so were/did most of their children. My Mom’s mother’s family lived in the Netherlands. My mom was the youngest of 7 children and I am the youngest of her 8 children. All of her sisters were such fun (they have all passed on, and so has my mom 😦 ) and I always enjoyed every minute I got to spend with them! 🙂 Just looking at your face in photos and reading your words always reminds me of my aunt and brings me joy!
      HUGS!!! 🙂

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