Black Ribbon Day

August 23Day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and Nazism/Black Ribbon Day in Canada, parts of the European Union, Georgia, and the United States

4 thoughts on “Black Ribbon Day

  1. Uta, I’m sorry to say that I’ve never heard of Black Ribbon Day! What a shame that it isn’t more universally promoted as a day of remembrance. I read the Wikipedia page and it was informative. Thank you for providing the link.

    1. Hi, Debra,

      thanks for commenting. On the 23rd of August we did get a new Prime Minister. Our so called Liberal Party has a very strong right wing faction. This scares me no end when I think about it what happened when the right wing Nationalists (Nazis) came to power in Germany. I hope our new Prime Minister is not too right wing himself and that he can work on it to keep the extreme right at bay. Our past Prime Minister,who was forced to resign, apparently was too centre left for the liking of the far right.

      Get Up is an independent movement to build a progressive Australia and bring participation back into our democracy. They say:

      “This government is now dead-set on a platform of division, climate-wrecking, and sky-rocketing inequality.
      So with an election possible at any time, we need to go after the hard right with everything we’ve got. . . .”

      “A platform of division” I certainly do not like. I am opposed to “hard right” and also to “hard left”. I wished our democracy worked like that that left and right could work together when they have to deal with issues that are important for the whole nation. I reckon centre parties are all right and also centre right and centre left. I believe any extremes are a threat to democracy!

      1. Uta, thank you for adding some explanation to add to what I’ve been reading about the changes in Australia’s leadership. As you know, I’m quite certain, we are experiencing our own “daily upheaval” with our own President, who fuels, rather than speaks against the rise of Right-Wing Nationalism and it is indeed very frightening. I think that we can point to the increase in tolerance for these hate-groups in so many nations at the moment should make us all committed to working together. We are in a “world of hurt” here in the United States, so as I’ve been reading about Turnbull and the changes in your country I’ve felt a concern. We are living in dangerous times, I really do believe. I enjoy reading your posts, Uta. I always learn something!

  2. Thanks Debra, for taking an interest in my posts. I seem to always learn something by looking things up on the internet. I am quite a bit worried about the increase of far right movements in Germany. We regularly watch a Deutsche Welle program: “Der Tag”.
    Here you can find something about what recently happened at a city called Chemnitz:

    This is what I wrote as an introduction to my post from today:

    I listened to what Wolfgang Thierse had to say in Der Tag from 28th August, 2018, of the Deutsche Welle (DW). He talked about how important democracy is and that the far right is out to destroy everything that a democracy stands for. The violence that happened in Chemnitz is very worrying!

    Wolfgang Thierse is a ‘retired’ politician, a left leaning member of Germany’s SPD. But he says he is opposed to the far left as much as he is opposed to the far right. He says in a democracy it is important that the different factions talk to each other. A democracy works only if some debating and compromising is going on.

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