Children of the Sun



Maxim Gorki’s play “Children of the Sun” was shown at the Drama Theatre in Sydney’s Opera House. We saw this play last Saturday. There was a matinee performance at 2 pm which suited us for we prefer to be home at nighttime. Before we went to the theatre we met Caroline for lunch in the city.


Caroline had a salad and Peter and I had beer battered fish and chips. Caroline had a salad and Peter and I had beer battered fish and chips.

We told Caroline that we had lunch at the same place on the last day of the year 2012. Later at home I looked up the post I published from that day. Sure enough I did find the lunch pictures and was able to republish them.




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7 thoughts on “Children of the Sun

  1. I reblogged ths post from four years ago for today is the 25th of October. So I was reminded we saw the play CHILDREN OF THE SUN on that day four years ago!
    I also reblogged the post called ‘Some more pictures from Saturday, 25th Oct. 2014’.
    It looks like we had a great day around the Sydney Opera House on that day four years ago.

  2. What a lovely day! I prefer matinee’s as well. I get too tired in the evening and find myself dozing. LOL! It doesn’t seem that long ago that NEVER would have happened. 🙂

    1. I remember, Debra, when we visited my father in 1957 we went out with him to a club with a very noisy band. My father would have been 53 at the time. In the early morning hours he became so tired that he snoozed sitting in front of the very noisy music! 🙂

  3. For me it was interesting, Debra, to think back to what we did four years ago. Just imagine, four years ago I was only 80 and Peter was not even 80 yet! We really feel just a little bit older now – But this does not mean that we stay at home all the time. In between medical treatments we even still find time to travel a bit. In a few weeks we are off to visit our son and daughter-in-law. They live some 600 km away from us. They live in a beautiful little country town in Victoria. We love to go there! Yes, we are very much looking forward to go there for a little visit.

  4. I just had another look at what the production of CHILDREN IN THE SUN was like in 2014:

    Here is a bit of what it says about this production:

    “The privileged, intellectual Protasov family are eccentric – if a little dysfunctional – but completely charming. Theirs is a seductive world of avant-garde ideas and scintillating conversation about art, science, love and politics. The members of the household increasingly find themselves surrounded by amorous advances and preoccupied with delicious flirtations, adulterous temptations and bold declarations of love.

    Only Liza (Jacqueline McKenzie) senses the impending doom; with rising despair she tries to warn the household. There are rumours Protasov’s chemistry experiments are poisoning the water supply. The growing hostility in the local town will soon bubble over into violence…”

    “Addressing timeless matters of the heart and mind, Children of the Sun could be set in any time, but we are transported to a beautifully realised rambling mansion in early 20th century Russia, complete with stunning costumes and fine period nuance.”

    So apparently “growing hostility and violence” may have been an issue then and can occur again and again. Maybe it is just the human condition?

  5. I remember, Carolyn, how in my father’s family there were always intensive discussions about politics. These were discussions my mother did not want to be part of. She did not like talk that would not lead anywhere. She just as much disliked it when my father was ‘philosophising’. I heard calling him a ‘fantast’, whereas the family he had grown up with all respected him and thought he was a person they wanted to listen to. He had many, what I would call, progressive ideas. But then people like this tend to live in a bit of a bubble, not noticing how much they distancing themselves from people who live different lives. I wonder, is this a bit like there are CHILDREN IN THE SUN and there are others?
    I regret that I did not take notes after having watched Maxim Gorky’s play, then I would be able to remember it better.

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