A ‘short’ Diary Entry

Today is Sunday, the 4th of November 2018

Last Sunday Peter and I went to a wedding. I wrote about it here:


and here as well:


My brother Peter Uwe turned 77 exactly one week ago. I would very much like to talk to him tonight on skype. I hope that this is going to be possible.

We have just been watching another German movie:

“Vater  braucht eine Frau”


Regie Matthias Tiefenbacher Regisseur/in
Drehbuch Christoph Mattner Drehbuchautor/in
Peter Studhalter Drehbuchautor/in

Cast & Besetzung

August ZirnerPeter Beilhorn

Peter Lohmeyer Dr. Frank Neu
Georg Hans Benny Neu
Ursula Karven Steffi Bungert
Sonsee Neu Verena Plank
Nadine Fano Saskia Neu
Maximilian Köster Thomas Neu
Benjamin Seidel Felix Neu
Jonas Laux Saskias Opernbekanntschaft

It was about a father who’s children wanted him to find a mother for them because their mother had died some years ago when the youngest child was three. The children are now between six and fourteen. The fourteen year old is a girl, the others are boys. The father, Frank Neu,  is a lawyer within a successful law-firm. His partner, Peter, also a lawyer, is very concerned about this lone father with four motherless children. The family lives in a beautiful home. The housekeeper they employ does not stay for very long. She probably thinks the children are too much of a handful. Apparently several housekeepers have left in the past.

It turns out that a very qualified young woman with degrees in child education and a very efficient housekeeper and lover of children is looking for a job. Her name is Verena. The children love her straight away. Peter and I, we both guessed that she would end up becoming  the mother of these four children. But the father in the meantime has befriended a divorced photographer. Her name is Stephanie. When she meets up with her ex-husband, apparently to celebrate something, Frank falsely assumes that this man is her lover. Frank is devastated. It shows that he has had developed quite a lot of feelings for Steffi.

In the meantime we find out that Verena and Peter get on well with each other. It looks like Peter has a lot to do with bringing Steffi and Frank together again. Fourteen year old Saskia understands towards the end, that it is Steffi who may become her mother and not Verena. But come to think of it, Verena may be around the family anyway, even if she goes into a relationship with Frank’s friend and partner Peter. Steffi, with her profession as a photographer is bound to travel a lot on assignments. So it is going to be good for the children to have Verena around when needed. They can all be good friends, right?


I thought this would be just a ‘short’ diary entry. I kept thinking about it how a bunch of kids do need a good home environment and how this can be given to them if for instance the mother dies. Well, I did find it interesting what sort of solutions opened up in the story of this movie. So this diary entry show a bit what sort of reflections I find can come up in a movie like this one. To me a movie like this is light entertainment and in parts pretty funny. And as I said a movie like this one makes me think a lot about the various different relationships that are possible and might also be in the interest of children who happen to be half orphans






6 thoughts on “A ‘short’ Diary Entry

  1. If one person in the marriage dies “naturally” (be it accident or disease through nobody’s fault) it may be easier for another person of the same gender to come in and make a relationship with the children as alternative parent. Myself and Irene are both second marriage people from divorces…we each have two children from the first marriage…both a male and female…now..neither her children nor my children have a close relationship with the “new” partner..even though both sets of children were grown up when we met and joined in the relationship…It has been nearly twenty years now since Irene and I have lived together, and as far as the children go..it is still at “arms length” with both parties…why?…I just don’t know…it just never hit off with any of them…strange.

      1. oops…on Irene’s side there is one also…a girl too…and I cannot see there being any more from the women in the famliy…they are not big reproducers the women these days..

  2. Here, Uta…THIS is an example of “misfortune”..It happened, as you will read, to one of those original Germanic pioneer families that settled in this part of the country…it was reported in a local newspaper around 1910..:

    ” Mr. Gus. Riebke of Steinfeld, met with a serious and painful accident on Saturday last. He was chaffing some straw and was feeding the chaffcutter, when his hand was drawn in, and his four fingers were completely severed from his hand. The bleeding was very severe. Mr. Riebke was brought on to Truro. Mr. Schultz of the Willows Hospital, Nuriootpa, was telephoned to come to Truro to attend the injured man, but was unable to do so, and advised the injured man to go to the Kapunda Hospital. He is now an inmate of that institution and is progressing as well as can be ex-pected.
    Mr. Riebke has been singularly unfortunate of late. Owing to terrible drought that has prevailed on the Murray Flats, Mr. Riebke lost all his horses. He had 17, and not one was saved. A kindly neighbour gave him a horse, and other kind friends helped him to put in his crop.
    Only 2 weeks ago Mr. Riebke lost his wife, who had been ill for a long time. He is now left with four young children. Much sympathy is felt for the maimed man.”

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