Dust Storm


Dust storm hits Sydney, NSW Government issues air quality warning

Friday, 23rd of November 2018

During the last few days we in the Illawarra have been hit somewhat too by this dust storm . However, today there does not seem to be any more dust in the air, even though we have extremely windy conditions. The elderly and people with breathing problems have been warned to stay indoors, avoid exercising and drink a lot of fluids.

Peter went out this morning for a little while. He says the air felt like freezing even though the thermometer showed a temperature of 15C.  The forecast is that the wind should ease after midday.


8 thoughts on “Dust Storm

    1. Joe, I’ve read the story a littler while ago when I had a bit of ‘spare time’. ‘Descent cutlery’, this rings a bell for we actually do value this quite a lot too but I would not call ourselves ‘rich’. Some rather valuable cutlery was given to us as a wedding gift some 62 years ago. Eh, this was lucky, wasn’t it, for at the time we would not have been able to buy it. We still own this special cutlery. I wonder what’s going to happen to it when we’re not anymore? I hope it’s not going to end on the rubbish tip like so many other things that are just being thrown out these days.

    2. Peter and I, we both have more breathing problems than usual in this kind of weather. There is the connection to your story about the ‘Box of Spoons’ since the little boy in the story had a lot of breathing problems . . . .
      It is interesting what things you did find that your mother had left.

      1. Yes..The “little boy” was actually myself..right down to the “tip-fly’..I am sure I was my mother’s bane..but then there was six of us kids…that box of spoons was a good find..but she gave them to my sister years later…not that I wanted them..but yes..strange..I became closer to my mother after she passed away…but then with a male…that shows that she was a understanding mother…

    1. Oh yes, it does feel so very cold, Gerard. Shopping at ALDI? Well, Peter did this the other day going by car. A while ago I had the neighbours here at our place for our games afternoon. Tomorrow the whole family is invited to our great-grandson’s second birthday. Monday morning we go to Wollongong for an appointment. For Monday afternoon I invited half a dozen ladies for a little chat chat to our place. You see, we try to keep ourselves busy! 🙂

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