Hidden History: Exposing the Roots of the Korean Conflict

The Most Revolutionary Act

Imposed Divide: Exposing the Roots of the Korean Conflict

RT (2018)

Film Review

This documentary dispels many myths promoted by Western media about the real purpose of US sanctions against North Korea. Predictably the real purpose of North Korean sanctions isn’t to end the North’s nuclear program but, as in Russia, Venezuela, Iraq, Syria etc., to cause sufficient civilian misery to bring about regime change – either through popular uprising or a military coup.

The film begins by describing Korea’s historical division along the 38th parallel. During World War II, the entire Korean peninsula was occupied by Japan. When the latter surrendered on August 14, 1945, Soviet troops accepted their surrender north of the parallel and US troops in the South.

While Soviet troops withdrew, US troops continued its occupation of South Korea,  installing a series of puppet dictators to brutally suppress any dissent through surveillance, arrest, torture and assassination…

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4 thoughts on “Hidden History: Exposing the Roots of the Korean Conflict

    1. I wonder, Stuart, on what terms a ‘unification’ would be possible. It seems to be that this is still a long way off for strategical reasons the Americans won’t agree to leave South Korea.

  1. If it wasn’t for the US, Korea would have been united into a single country a long time ago. With the power of the US now dwindling rapidly and China becoming the next super power, it will get very tricky for the US to accept that. The biggest stumbling block for world peace is the US through its maniacal president Trump.

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