The Indian Pacific

The Indian Pacific Train Trip Perth to Sydney takes now usually about 65 hours. The SBS showed today this same trip within close to 15 hours. Everything had been filmed life, but apparently these 65 hours had been cut to about 15 hours. We watched today only about half of these 15 hours. (The program apparently started today already very early in the morning!) Even watching only about half the program did give us a good impression what it is like to be on the Indian Pacific. Right now it is not quite finished yet. According to the timetable, provided by SBS, this program, that we have been watching for so many hours already, should be finished in about one hour. So I go back now to watch how the train that has just left the Blue Mountains is approaching Sydney. I am looking forward to see how it arrives at Sydney Central!

One hour later: Yes,we have been watching now how the train moved towards Sydney Central along a train line that we are very familar with. They said, all in all the trip fom Perth lasted this time 66 hours.


5 thoughts on “The Indian Pacific

    1. Yes, Sheila, quite a long time. I think the passengers stay on the train for three nights and close to four days! It is a luxury train. Very good way to relax and be spoiled for a few days!
      Hugs, Uta 🙂

  1. We watched it too for a while. It was advertised as ‘mesmerizing.’ I am not sure. It costs a lot of money to make that trip. The scenery is a bit the same, mile after mile. I took an overland trip some years ago in a Land-rover with three other people. I can’t say I was ever tempted to do that again. The flies!

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