Andros Island, Greece



10 thoughts on “Andros Island, Greece

  1. What a beautiful place! Thank you for sharing the video, Uta!
    You have “taken” me to a place I will probably never get to visit in person. I appreciate that! 🙂
    How are you doing?
    How is Peter?
    (((HUGS))) to both of you! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Carolyn. We cannot complain. We are both enjoying life one day at a time. We try doing things that we can enjoy during these hot summer days. The good thing is that all medical treatments are on hold at the moment. Peter has his next consultation in one month. So far he is doing quite all right even without medical intervention. This little breather is good for both of us. Our motto is to enjoy life for as long as we can! 🙂

      1. Carolyn. we too think that the Greek Islands are very beuttiful and Andros Island is one of them. 🙂
        Our daughter Caroline with husband Mathew went to one of the Greek Islands last year for their honeymoon. They loved the Greek hospitality. 🙂

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