‘Tax the rich’: one man’s hard truth comments at Davos go viral  


“Rutger Bregman, the Dutch writer whose 2017 book Utopia for Realists caused a stir by arguing for universal basic income, a 15-hour week and the elimination of borders, is not the only person to criticise the World Economic Forum for elitist hypocrisy.”

6 thoughts on “‘Tax the rich’: one man’s hard truth comments at Davos go viral  

  1. We hear about Australia’s low standards of aged care. The plight of the homeless, the lack of funding for the disabled, education, public transport, the breakdown of our infrastructure and so much more. What we are not doing is connecting those issues to the lack of revenue. That Dutchman is right. We need to tax much more, especially the rich. Each time the Government lowers tax, the above issues are that will suffer, and as a country we will become poorer..

  2. You are right, aged care is privatised and often run by church organisations. Anglo-care for instance. I have for some years now talked and praised the benefits of tax. In Holland 50 % of the cost of energy (electricity and gas) is tax. Australia should introduce a sugar tax together with an increase in GST. That would be good start.

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