On the Way to Gundagai


We stayed at Gundagai overnight on our way to Benalla.

We left Dapto early in the morning on Friday, the 9th of November 2018. At Moss Vale we stopped for breakfast at our favourite cafe where we always like to stop for breakfast. This time we ventured to a table in a snug little room. We could make ourselves comfortable while waiting for the ordered cooked breakfast to arrive.

After breakfast it didn’t take us long to reach the Hume Highway where Peter could drive the Audi at a very good speed of nearly always a comfortable 110 km.

By 12 o’clock we were already in Gundagai where we had booked to stay overnight.

We went for lunch at this very old bakehouse:


We had tea and pies at an outside table.

The motel where we were staying is called GUNDAGAI MOTEL. (We stayed there again on Tuesday, the 13th, on our way back home!)




2 thoughts on “On the Way to Gundagai

  1. Thanks for commenting, Ian. We enjoyed our stay in Gundagai. Here is a brief excerpt from the about page of the visitor’s information:

    “First discovered by European explorers in the 1820s, Gundagai has a proud history, and more than any other Australian town, Gundagai has proved an irresistible subject for poets and songwriters. Even the likes of Banjo Patterson were inspired by stories of drovers, bullock teams and bush travellers in the Gundagai area. . . . ”




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