Twin Sisters (2002) “De tweeling” (original title)

Peter and I saw this movie several years ago. It is one of those movies that stay in one’s memory.


Twin Views of Altered Lives: A Triumphant Film

10/10Author:gradyharpfrom United States
29 September 2005
*** This review may contain spoilers ***

DE TWEELING (TWIN SISTERS), based on the highly successful novel by Tessa de Loo and adapted brilliantly for the screen by Marieke van der Pol, is assuredly one of the most touching films to date about the strength of family bonds decimated by the horrors of WW II. Director Ben Sombogaart follows Dutch writer de Loo’s lead in making this story about the differing fates of twin girls separated at the death of their parents more of a parallel tale than capitalizing on the grim reality of Hitler’s influence. The result is a cinematically magnificent, gently hued verismo style of film that succeeds even more in its impact than if it were constantly doused in the dark side of its subject.

Germany 1920. Lotte Bamberg (played…

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2 thoughts on “Twin Sisters (2002) “De tweeling” (original title)

  1. Thank you for sharing this, Uta!
    I need to find it and watch it.
    HUGS for you and Peter!!! 🙂
    PS…a movie that has stayed in my memory is Imitation of Life. When I saw it I was a little girl and it was already a re-run movie/old movie…but I have never forgotten it.

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