The tiny Town behind a heartwarming 9/11 Tale

This is a real feel good story!!

“The tiny town behind a heartwarming 9/11 tale When dozens of planes were forced to land in a tiny Canadian town after the 9/11 attacks, locals billeted thousands of stranded travellers.”


2 thoughts on “The tiny Town behind a heartwarming 9/11 Tale

  1. What a wonderful story, Uta. It’s a reminder of what we can be to one another in times of crisis, and I wish we could hold onto that same commitment in times that were less stressful. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story!

  2. Thank you very much for commenting, dear Debra. You might also like to watch the video about the Gander’s Ripple Effect:

    This video was published on Aug 23, 2018
    The CBC doc that explores how Gander Newfoundland took in 7,000 stranded passengers during 9/11 and inspired the Broadway hit musical “Come From Away”.

    “Ten years later, the crew and passengers (the “come from away”) of the once stranded planes reunite in Gander, this time by choice, to celebrate the lifelong friendships and strong connections they formed in spite of the terrorist attacks (“Finale”). As Claude the mayor professes, “Tonight we honour what was lost, but we also commemorate what we found.”

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