The Day after Mother’s Day 2019

Well, we had quite a few visitors yesterday for Mother’s Day. Come to think of it, all the mothers that were visiting, were already grandmothers. And I am even a great-grandmother! I was so happy, that great-grandons Lucas and Alexander were visiting too yesterday! And Peter actually did hand out roses yesterday to all the visiting mothers. I think they liked this very much.

For about three hours in the afternoon we had a large crowd in our house. Daughters Monika and Caroline did most of the catering. This was very relaxing for me.

Monika had come with her daughter Natasha and her son Troy had come with his fiancee Antonina. Troy’s twin-brother Ryan and wife Ebony spent the afternoon with Ebony’s family, but Troy and Nina had brought their nephews Lucas and Alexander along to our plae. Monika’s partner Mark had come too, and he had brought his mother Merl along.

The flowers on the right are from Mark!

Caroline’s husband Matthew had brought his mother Yittah along. Everyone was happy and had a good time. It was a really good afternoon for Mother’s Day.

On the 31s of this month we are going to celebrate our arrival in Australia. Yes, we arrived in Port Melbourne on the 31st of May 1959. We came from Germany on the SS Strathaird, a British P & O liner.

The Strathaird had come from England with a lot of British migrants and stopped at Cuxhaven to pick up more migrants from Germany.*  So, Peter, myself and our two baby daghters were amongst all of those German migrants. We had stayed at Bremen-Lesum overnight. From Bremen-Lesum goes a direct train-line to Cuxhaven.  All the migrants, that had stayed together with us at Bremen-Lesum, were taken by train to our destination at Cuxhaven where the Strathaird was already waiting for us.…5.0..0.285.3445.0j17j2……0….1..gws-wiz…….0i22i30j33i22i29i30.I7vsqOa73AM

The Strathaird took five weeks to reach Port Melbourne. It was the most terrific cruise we had on that ocean liner! We were treated like first class passengers. We could not believe how lucky we were.


Here we are on the SS Strathaird on the way to Australia in May 1959. Gabriele is 21 months and Monika is a bit over five months.


Our daughters did bring some cake along for Mothers Day


*The Hamburg America Line built a large ocean liner terminal at Cuxhaven in 1900. Connected directly to Hamburg by a dedicated railway line and station, it served as the major departure point for German and European emigrants until 1969 when ocean liner travel ceased.



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