The ABC’s new, long and interesting article about cutting down on food waste!

Key points:

  • Fruit and vegies are a major source of food waste
  • Different fruits and vegetables have different storage needs to keep them fresh for longer
  • Some plastic packaging significantly reduces food waste

Food storage: How to keep your fruit and vegetables fresh and cut down on waste

I reckon this is a very timely article on cutting down on food waste:

“Each year 4.2 million tonnes of food waste goes to landfill in Australia and over half of this comes from households. Not only is this a waste of water and energy used to grow the food, but it produces methane, which is a more powerful greenhouse gas than CO2.”

Now does this not horrify you?

And there is more that should make us want to change our ways how we handle food:

“. . . . then there’s the cost to your wallet. The average household throws away around $2,000 worth of food each year, according to a 2013 survey of 1,600 Victorian households. Nearly two thirds of the food thrown away could have been eaten.  .  .  ”

Please, have a look at this article:

This article may give you ideas about:

Storage hacks for your fruit and vegies

What not to put in the fridge

Plastic can help keep food fresh

How to cut down your plastic use

Other tips to reduce food waste

People living in apartments and tiny houses can still recycle their food waste. And it’s not only the environment that benefits.

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