The Federal Election 2019 in Australia

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IMG_1636 (2) Our beautiful Parliament in Canberra

Today our Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, announced that Australia will have an election on the 18th of May.

When he announced the date, he said, that the election will be about whom we trust. He got that one right. I and many Australians don’t trust him. Not one bit.

When he made the announcement, he was talking only about money and that his government is balancing the budget. As if this is the aim of a government. The government must also give directions to the future of the country and act on the wishes of the people and on the advice of the scientific community.

What can you expect from a government that thinks climate change is crap and the development of new coal mines is essential for our development and new jobs?

This bloke is unable to think beyond a set of numbers…

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One thought on “The Federal Election 2019 in Australia

  1. Too bad no one asked him exactly who was going to buy the coal – up until now China bought most of it for steel and coal fired power plants. But China is stockpiling steel now and they’re phasing out coal (in favour of renewable energy) because air pollution is so bad. Banks won’t fund new coal projects at this point. Renewables are so much cheaper that they know coal operations can’t fund 40 year loans – within less than a decade most consumers will have switched to cheaper renewable options.

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