Diary June 2019

We arrived from Germany on the SS Strathaird, a British P & O liner. We actually disembarked in Port Melbourne on the 31st of May 1959.


The Strathaird had come from England with a lot of British migrants and stopped at Cuxhaven to pick up more migrants from Germany.  So, Peter, myself and our two baby daghters were among all of those German migrants. We had stayed at Bremen-Lesum overnight. From Bremen-Lesum goes a direct train-line to Cuxhaven.  All the migrants, that had stayed together with us at Bremen-Lesum, were taken by train to our destination at Cuxhaven where the Strathaird was already waiting for us.

The Strathaird took five weeks to reach Port Melbourne. It was the most terrific cruise we had on that ocean liner! We were treated like first class passengers. We could not believe how lucky we were. So, this was 60 years ago in 1959!!!

This year we drove to Sussex Inlet on Friday, 31st of May, to celebrate this 60 year Anniversary with our extended Australian family. Most of them also arrived on Friday; some more people actually did arrive on Saturday, the 1st of June. Saturday night we had a great barbecue that was enjoyed by all.

All of us left our beautiful holiday place early on Sunday. Some of us stopped at the Lone Pine on our way home. I did like this very much!

4 thoughts on “Diary June 2019

  1. Thank you for sharing this. Here in the US, we need to be reminded of the importance of immigrants and that they make our country great.

    My great-grandfather came here in the late 1800s from Bremen and there are many of his progeny today because he took the bold step to immigrate.

    Kudos to you and your husband.

  2. Yea, both Peter and I think that we did the right thing to emigrate to Australia when we had the chance.
    Great to hear from you, Devon Texas. I hope you’re doing well.
    In both Peter’s and my family there are people that emigrated from Germany to different countries. But we still have some family in Germany. But none of them have now as many children and grandchildren as Peter and I have! 🙂

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